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We supply cost effective Smart Food Solutions combined with exceptional service.  All this makes of Italian Food Masters a top-class foodservice wholesaler and distributor.


We are based in Dubai and service Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies, Specialty stores, Gourmet food retailers, bakeries, Airline companies & cafes throughout the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman.


We focus on sourcing food and equipment that add value to F&B operators and help them minimize costs, streamline operations and enhance their clients’ dining experience.


We deal in a wide range of frozen, ambient and dry products, sourced from leading international manufacturers, stored in our own warehouses and distributed with our own fleet thus being in total control of the supply chain.


We take food very seriously, professionally and competently and this enables us to build strong business relationships with our clients and our suppliers, based on mutual trust and respect.


We aren't simply a distributor – for both our Clients and Suppliers we are a true partner, HACCP certified and very knowledgeable of all food and food processing aspects.

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Classic Ketchup 1.9oz 4 copy.png
Classic Ketchup 1.9oz 3 copy.png
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ca1941_1a96b9b5690c4a51b7ff4c651a80a703~mv2 copy.png
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Deluxe Ketchup
All Natural - 55gr

Deluxe Dijon Mustard
All Natural - 48gr

Deluxe Mayonnaise
All Natural - 44gr

ca1941_ef4e6c08f26a4c1a9dfc3d5be9433a58~mv2 copy.png

Premium Ketchup
All Natural - 40gr

ca1941_aa8a9db9779e42a087086dfe531c5d7d~mv2 copy.png

Premium Dijon Mustard
All Natural - 33gr

ca1941_ab441bf5d32f4f5285ac292d59dbd3cc~mv2 copy.png

Premium Mayonnaise
All Natural - 31gr

We are constantly striving to identify new market trends, products and equipment in the International

food market, in order to be the first to introduce them to the UAE FOOD SERVICE sector.

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We are the undisputed leaders in the supply of food and beverages for the Hospitality industry of Dubai and the rest of UAE. Every day we renew the pleasure and taste of a balanced diet.


Thanks to a complete range of foods and drinks that meet every need of taste, wallet, and style, with the products of Italian Food Masters for breakfast, the buffet in the Hotel is increasingly rich and exclusive.

Our customers are 4 and 5 stars hotels, with particular attention to the resorts of the main tourist areas of the UAE. A segment that we have learned to serve over the years, trying every day to be for them a point of reference for professionalism, credibility and excellence.

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More than 2000 sku’s available in stock for the largest selection of goods: from exclusive and practical Jams, Honey dispensers to waffles and pancakes passing through cereals, muesli, omelets, baked beans, cold cuts, sausages, breads, Danish pasties and much more. 

To do this, every day we pursue innovations that can both enhance the business of our clients and offer solutions capable of meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding market.  The wide assortment dedicated to breakfast and banqueting sees Italian Food Masters in first place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the United Arab Emirates for recognizability and diffusion.

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