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Smart Food Solution Dubai I Italian Food Masters wholesaler and distributor
Italian Food Masters Dubai
Smart Food Solutions I Italian Food Masters Food service wholesaler and distributor Dubai UAE

We supply cost effective Smart Food Solutions combined with exceptional service.  All this makes of Italian Food Masters a top-class foodservice wholesaler and distributor.


We are based in Dubai and service Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies, Specialty stores, Gourmet food retailers, bakeries, Airline companies & cafes throughout the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman.


We focus on sourcing food and equipment that add value to F&B operators and help them minimize costs, streamline operations and enhance their clients’ dining experience.


We deal in a wide range of frozen, ambient and dry products, sourced from leading international manufacturers, stored in our own warehouses and distributed with our own fleet thus being in total control of the supply chain.


We take food very seriously, professionally and competently and this enables us to build strong business relationships with our clients and our suppliers, based on mutual trust and respect.


We aren't simply a distributor – for both our Clients and Suppliers we are a true partner, HACCP certified and very knowledgeable of all food and food processing aspects.


We are constantly striving to identify new market trends, products and equipment in the International

food market, in order to be the first to introduce them to the UAE FOOD SERVICE sector.

Taste of Mexico I Mexican Food In Dubai, tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, burritos, cheddar jalapenos


Fruit Puree, banana puree, raspberries puree Dubai UAE I Italian food masters

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The actual word 'Tramezzino' was invented by Gabriele D'Annunzio - Italian poet and political agitator who fought with the Italian army and air force during World War One and was responsible for the capture of Fiume immediately after the war - as a replacement for the English word "sandwich", being easier to pronounce and a completely Italian term (albeit a neologism).


"Tramezzino" means "in-between" and in fact you'll see locals and tourists in Venice snacking with a tramezzino on mid-morning, or mid afternoon with a spritz, a coke or glass of wine in their hand.


We have brought from Italy a special artisanal bread produced just a few miles again from the lagoon. Low in calories and made with simple ingredients like flour and olive oil, baked fresh and frozen to maintain its natural taste without any artificial preservative.


Once thawed our presliced no-crust bread remains very soft for long hours thus allowing Hotels and F&B operators of Dubai to serve and display their sandwiched for long hours in Air conditioned environments without having the bread bending and getting to hard and dry.

Italian Food Masters
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