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Irrespective of whether boiled, fried or roast, as a purée or potato rosti, potato is definitely an integral part of Austrian cuisine.

Such background is a source of inspiration for production of the 11er potato specialties. Using regional recipes and indigenous ingredients such as Styrian pumpkin seeds or mature alpine cheese and butter to put the finest delicacies from Austria on your plate.

Each year, around 80,000t of raw potatoes are processed into a dazzling selection of quality products such as French fries, croquette potatoes, rosti, pommes duchesse, cone potatos, potato pancakes, sliced fried potatoes and much more.


Well aware that the most tasty things are those that are “like home-made”, every day, 11er applies love and care to produce the best, the most extraordinary potato creations.  

Tel : 04 882 9791

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